Welcome to our group project: developing the idea for a “culture tracker” (much like a sports tracker) for the city of Turku, Finland.  This project falls under the course, Production of Social Media, at The University of Turku, Spring 2013, and is an entry to a competition on the Cultural Heritage Innovation European Forum (C.H.I.E.F.).

Our idea is to create a mobile application for visitors and residents alike to express their impressions of and experiences in a city, in this case the city of Turku. With this application, we wish to encourage people to participate in city culture and in the evolution of Turku’s placemaking.

Therefore, we want to adapt the features of a mobile tracking application to a Cultural Heritage Tracker. With a unique social emphasis and advanced GPS technology, Follow me, enables users to track their own routes while exploring a city and sharing their “track” through social media as well as following tracks done by others.

Our strong social emphasis sets our idea apart from already existing trackers. Follow me is about personal memories of a city or region. Within their tracks users can easily include their own individual impressions of every kind of cultural heritage, living heritage and participatory city culture. But Follow me is not just a city tracker for visitors or tourists. Residents in a city can also share their routes and meaningful spots, giving visitors and other locals alike an inside look into the ever-evolving story of a city. The result is a dynamic organic community of tourists and locals.

Get Follow me and let others follow you and see the world through your eyes!